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Compare the cost of taxi Cover from multiple UK Brokers

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We have complied this docuement which may be of use:  Hire For Reward Definitions

What You Need to Know About Taxi Cab Insurance

Taxi Insurance is a legal requirement for all hire for reward drivers and operators as it protects the vehicle, their passengers, and other people on the road. Finding the right type and most cost-effective policy for your taxi is quite easy and efficient through the internet. You can use policy quote comparison and search sites to help compare options before you decide on a policy provider that meets with your taxi business insurance requirements.

Why Drive for Reward Protection is Necessary

Since taxis are mostly on the move transporting passengers from one place to another they are nearly always at risk of being involved in an accident minor or major. As such it makes sense to take out taxi insurance to protect your vehicle, passengers, and yourself. Even if you are not involved in an accident you will find that some of the public will not show care or respect for your taxi cabs and damage the interior or the body work. However having the the proper level of insurance will ensure any repair cost is shouldered by the underwriter.

Compare the cost of taxi Cover from multiple UK Brokers

A Few Tips in Getting the Best Online Price

Underwriters work out the costs of insurance based on a myriad of factors. Fortunately you do have control over some of these factors that go towards working out the cost of your insurance policy. Some you do not have control over, one example being your post code. City postcodes attract a higher premium, simply because inner city areas pose higher risks of your vehicle being stolen or vandalised.

Below are just a few tips to help you get the best quote before deciding:

  • Comparing quotes is the first step to get a cheaper quote by using comparative web sites to get started also note some brokers may not offer their rate on some sites so when able do visit individual broker sites also. One of the best ways to really save money is to shop around for insurance policies and get different quotes so you can compare them. Different companies offer different policy rates and coverage, so it's better to get multiple quotes.
  • Pay your policy yearly. If you are currently paying monthly switching to paying your policy annually should bring down the costs of your taxi insurance.
  • Keep your cab secure. The more secure that you make your taxi cab the less the risk of theft, this should translate into a lower annually or monthly premium. Increase security by  add extra security devices such as an immobiliser or  a GPS tracking unit, please make sure they comply to the standards set by the insurance industry within the UK.
  • Get taxi fleet insurance. If you have a fleet of taxi cabs as a business, it generally is more cost-effective to get a fleet policy, which will provide protection for all your cabs under one easy to administer policy.

Levels of Cover Available

  • Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of protection that is available for any driver, it covers damage to not only third parties, but also damages to your own property and self.
  • Third party insurance is the minimum cover required by UK law. This level of cover does not provide any protection for damage to your own vehicle or any injures to oneself resulting from an accident. Needless to say should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a major road accident that you are responsible for you could easily be liable for steep costs for both medical treatment and the restoration of your Taxi to road worthiness or replacement costs should it be a write off.
  • Breakdown Cover - Invariably this is a must have for private hire owner drivers and can save you many hours that would otherwise be lost had you not taken it out.
  • As a taxi driver or if you prefer  a hire for reward driver you must have public liability insurance. Without it you would likely be be crippled financially if a passenger or any member of the public found reason to take out a claim against you as an individual or your company. Further details of your legal requirements can be found in this handy government guide.

Compare the cost of taxi Cover from multiple UK Brokers

Steps to Take After a Road Accident
Immediately following a road accident, injuries may be severe, and there is better than average chance that emotions will be high. There are several things that must be done at the scene of the accident and shortly thereafter.
Tips to reducing the Price of Taxi Insurance
Should you find yourself in the market for purchasing insurance for your private hire taxi, you more than likely have noticed that the rates for this can be a bit more expensive than that of conventional coverage for a passenger vehicle. This is due to a few easy to understand reasons.

The backstory on how Insurance is Calculated

The cost of insurance will reflect on how the underwriter views you as a risk of making a claim based on your driving history and then how large that claim may be. One key metric used is the  cost of the vehicle, normally the more expensive the higher the associated premium. Below are some of the factors that you may have control over that should enable you to take actions to reduce your annual insurance premium. 


It is a statistic derived by actuaries that male drivers under 25 pose the highest risk of being involved in an accident and in addition the insurance payouts are normally larger than for other age groups. Whilst lady drivers under 25 pose less of a risk to underwriters this cannot be reflected by a lower premium that is  until the European legal gender policy of 2012 is binned as it prevents gender discrimination within the insurance industry.  When it is repealed it will  be one plus for young UK lady drivers as they will then benefit rightly by having access to lower premiums than their male counterparts. As such if you are able to then only employee drivers that are over 25 or over with a clean motoring history and preferably female. If sole driver then choose a named driver or solo driver over the any driver policy and in so doing you should also see benefits by way of reduced premiums.

Location or Post Code

Unfortunately a factor that you have no control over namely your post code will also have a bearing on the premium that you are quoted, inner cities will attract higher premiums as the likelihood of theft or damage is statistically higher in these areas. If you operate outside the large cities especially in rural regions you will benefit from a lower premium than city drivers.

Blackbox Insurance

Going for this approach can either reduce or increase your insurance costs depending on how you measure up to as a driver in the eyes of the insurance company.  In its simplest form a black box which can also be a phone app which records information on how you drive, for example how frequently is your breaking? is it severe?  The frequency of sharp cornering, length of periods of steady driving without veering or excessive speeding in short any data that can be used to determine your level of risk of making a claim. If you have a policy based on discounts you will then be rewarded for good driving by future discounts normally on a quarterly basis or at policy renewal time. Conversely if you are deemed at a  higher risk of being involved in an accident your premium will likely increase.

Compare the cost of taxi Cover from multiple UK Brokers

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