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Taxi Insurance Categories 

Driving a cab as an occupation comes with major responsibilities to keep your passengers safe and to be able to provide compensation should an accident regardless of fault occur whilst you are driving customer to their destinations. Regardless of your driving skills risk of an accident can be out of your control, as such it is imperative that you have a good taxi insurance policy in place. We can help by providing multiple quotes for all taxi vehicle categories including the key ones listed below.   

  • Mini Cab : When you need to compare quotes online quickly for your minicab insurance premium we can help you by providing multiple quotes from a panel of UK underwriters.
  • Public hire insurance is one of the main categories of taxi insurance, the other being private private hire insurance. We can offer multiple quotes with a select panel of  top UK brokers. 
  • Chauffeur : Do you provide an exclusive chauffeur service and need chauffeur insurance? we can help when it comes to finding a policy that will meet with your chauffeur business requirements. 

Levels of Cover Available

Different types of autoi insurance are  available and you need to select the type that best meets with your individual cover needs. Some of the common types that you will encounter are listed below. 

  • Comprehensive is the highest level of cover that is available for any owner driver, it covers damage to not only third parties, but also damages to your own property and self.
  • Third party is the minimum cover required by UK law. This cover does not provide any protection for damage to your own vehicle or any injures to oneself resulting from an accident. Needless to say should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a major road accident that you are responsible for you could easily be liable for steep costs. Do take into consideration of the possible medical bills and the restoration of your motor to road worthiness or indeed replacement costs should it be a write off.
  • Third party with Fire and Theft  In addition to third party cover is also provided for for and theft.
  • Break Down Cover : invariably this is a must have for private hire owner drivers and can save you many hours that would otherwise be lost had you not included it within your policy.
  • Europe : Taxi insurance for driving abroad may be added as an extra if required.

A Few Tips in Getting the Best  Price 

Underwriters work out the cost of your  premium based on a myriad of factors. Fortunately you do have control over some of these factors that go towards working out the cost of your policy. However there are some factors that you unfortunately do not have control over, one example being your post codeCity postcodes attract a higher premium, simply because operating within city limits will increase the risk that your vehicle is stolen or becomes a victim of vandalism. 

Below are just a few tips to help you get the best quote before deciding:

  • Comparing quotes : is the first step to saving money, start the process  by using comparative web sites. Please be aware that some brokers may not offer their rates on some of these sites so it may pay to visit individual broker sites. One of the best ways to really save money is to shop around for quotes and get different quotes so you can compare them, this may also give you some leverage at policy renewal time. Different companies offer different policy rates,discounts and coverage, so it's better to get multiple quotes.
  • Pay your policy yearly:  If you are currently paying monthly  switching to paying your policy annually should bring down the cost of your annual premium.
  • Security:  If have fitted any safety / security items from Thatcham please insure you advise the broker as this could result in savings on your premium.
  • Beef up on Security: The more secure that you make your cab secure the less the risk of theft which should translate into a lower annual or monthly premium. Increase security by adding extra security devices such as an immobiliser or a GPS tracking unit. Please ensure they comply to any standards set by the insurance industry within the UK.
  • Consider Fleet Cover:  If you have a fleet of cabs as a business it is generally more cost-effective to purchase a taxi fleet insurance policy. Fleet policies will provide protection for all your vehicles under one easy to administer policy.
  • Car Category:  Not all cars are created equal in the eyes of the underwriter. Hire for reward vehicles are split into 50 categories, category one the cheapest to ensure and 50 the most expensive. Repair costs play a significant role in this calculation as 50% of payouts are paid out to repair cars according to  the AIB.  
  • Driver ProfilesEnsure that the drivers that you hire have a good driving history and a clean licence. In addition young drivers under 25 will inflate the premium. Finally if possibly avoid selecting any driver , named drivers on taxi insurance will work out cheaper, but can be inconvenient.
  • Black BoxEssentially this enables the insurer to collect data on your driving habits. These can then be used to prove either that you are a good driver and thus less of risk or alternatively a bad driver and higher risk. If you fee you fall into the former then discuss this possibility with your  broker as it can lead to win win for both parties

The backstory on how Insurance is Calculated