Aviva Taxi Insurance Review

aviva taxi insurance

This Aviva Taxi Insurance review will present what type of coverage is offered from the largest UK Insurer. Taxi coverage is just one of many types of insurance policies this company can offer you. This is an online and over the phone insurance company that has clients in Europe, Asia and America.  

What types of taxis are covered with Aviva Taxi Insurance?

All types of taxis are covered including hire and reward insurance, private hire, contract work and public hire vehicles. Aviva can also offer a single minifleet policy for ‘Carriage of Goods for Hire or Reward Use’. So not matter if you are a private chauffeur, a part time driver or picking up the public on a daily basis, Aviva has a policy for you.

Aviva have taken steps not to increase premiums for loyal customers, but come renewal time check always check out all the possible renewal options.  Start the journey to a cheaper quote by clicking the Get Quotes button below.

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Alterntive Solutions for growing taxi Fleets

Aviva also offer Fleetwise which is aimed at small business with five or more vehicles that are being used for hire and reward.

What is in the Aviva Taxi Insurance policy?

Since operating a taxi is a business, a policy closely resembling a comprehensive vehicle policy is most often issued. There is also third Party And Third Party Fire and Theft which provide only minimal protection. 

  • Accident protection will cover the cost of repairs to your taxi and pay for your medical bills.
  • Windshield and Window repair and damage coverage is included.
  • If your vehicle is stolen or lost you will be compensated for the vehicle at fair market value.
  • Third Party Liability includes £5,000,000 protection to cover any property damage.
  • Legal Liability includes up to £100,000 coverage.
  • No claims discount that increases with each year of holding a policy and no claims are made.
  • Driver assault protection where you will be compensated for damages if you are injured while on the job by someone other than your employer. 
  • Public Liability is covered up to £10,000,000 while you are operating your taxi. 
  • Replacement vehicle provided when you are involved in a accident and your vehicle is undriveable after an accident where you are not at fault.
  • Emergency Medical Treatment payments for anyone injured under the Road Traffic Acts.

In Conclusion

The Aviva Taxi Insurance is available for the private owner who owns just one taxi or the business that has multiple taxis in their fleet. This comprehensive protection will keep you on the road and in business even when your taxi is damaged and can’t operate.

As with all insurance policies, make sure you read it in its entirety before paying the premium.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance company and have not been compensated by Aviva Insurance in any manner.

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