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Chauffeur Insurance : Compare Multiple UK Brokers Online

Chauffeur insurance can be expensive given that typically vehicles used for chauffeuring are luxury class, expensive to purchase and subsequently to repair or replace if an accident puts your vehicle beyond repair. When searching for cover take time to compare the market and what offers are currently available. This can start today by selecting the Get Quotes option and comparing the cost to provide chauffeur insurance with 40 plus UK brokers. The process from start to finish should take less than a few minutes, please have your current limo details to hand as these will be required to complete the quote process.

Basic Third Party Chauffeur Insurance is the UK legal Minimum

To operate any hire for reward vehicle on public roads and highways here in the UK, one must hold a minimum level of taxi insurance. This is typically known and referred to as third party taxi insurance. In the event that you will be using your vehicle to carry/shuttle passengers for hire, you will not only be required by the local authority to be licensed, but in addition, you will need to purchase chauffeur insurance. This type of insurance, will also at times be referred to as hire and reward, prestige vehicle, private hire, executive vehicle, or chauffeur insurance. Regardless of what name is being used, all of these terms denote private hire. Private hire, by definition simply means that appointments for the vehicles usage are pre-booked, and payment is taken at an office/base.

Typical Vehicles Used For Chauffeur Services

The question is often asked if any vehicle can be used as a chauffeur vehicle, thus requiring this special type of insurance. In short, it would ultimately depend on the type of vehicle you own. Typically, owner driver vehicles such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, and BMW are used. These brands are used not only for their comfort and size, but for the prestige they offer to the client. Other vehicles that don’t achieve this level of ‘prestige’ can still obtain the needed private hire insurance however, at this point , it is usually known and referred to as minicab insurance.

Some Reasons to Insure Online

  • Choice of Fully Comprehensive : This is the highest level of chauffeur insurance available allowing claims to be made regardless of fault.  Naturally it is more expensive than both third party and third party plus fire and theft. The decision on which type of cover can be difficult and needs consideration of the price to replace the vehicle should the need arise. Ask question such as can the business afford to cover that cost without impacting day to day operating costs.  
  • Individual Payment Options:  If you wish to pay monthly, quarterly instead of annually this can be arranged, but be aware that it is the norm for annual payments to be slightly less expensive than payments that are spread through out the year.
  • Documentation Stored Online:  Many providers offer instant documentation on completion of insurance purchase. In additional these documents are stored and available online via secure document service sites. As such if you have internet access you can access the details of your policy easily at any time.
  • Easy Comparison of Insurance Policies  The list of offers will be presented in a manner that will enable you to easily compare the positives and negatives of the various quotes received that is results will be presented collectively in order to let you easily draw comparison and arrive quickly at an insurance package that meets fully with you or business cover requirements. 

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