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Limo Insurance
Limo Insurance

As you begin your search for Limousine Insurance, it is well worth taking the time to consider and understand the ways in which you are likely use your limousine. If you do not do this, you run the risk of purchasing cover that you don’t really need, or worse yet, finding out that you are not covered for a risk that is required. In addition, amending a policy to include extra cover at a later date, is most often a cause for additional administration charges.

Some Tips That Can Save You Money on Your Limousine Insurance

  • See to it that you maintain a good credit score
  • Be sure to hire only experienced drivers with an excellent driving record
  • Be sure to hire only experienced drivers with an excellent driving record
  • Look for, and take advantage of discounts you qualify for, such as claims free discounts

What Kind of Limousine Insurance Do I Need if I Hire Drivers ?

Limo Insurance
    • There are variables, such as the number of drivers that you hire, the size of you company, and the size of your fleet, that will dictate the type and amount of Limousine Insurance that you will need. Should you be a sole proprietor, and you alone drive the vehicle, your insurance quotes will be different (and often times substantially lower) than those of someone that has a fleet of cars or vans.

    • You will need to satisfy all local regulations related to your Limousine Insurance if your company hires drivers. These regulations typically include property damage liability, bodily injury cover, and employment liability. In addition, you will also be subject to workers compensation requirements.

Are There Discounts Available for Limousine Insurance ?

There are indeed discounts to be had. There are many companies that may offer you various (and at times substantial) discounts depending on the specifics of your business.

Some of the discounts that you may qualify for include :

Discounts for Insuring Multiple Vehicles

Good Driver Discounts

Discounts for New Business

Claims-free Discounts

Discounts for renewing annually

The Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

whether you use your limo for personal use, or you’re hiring it out to earn some extra income, you no doubt are going to want the very best policy that meets your needs. Due to the many complex intricacies that can be involved when purchasing Limousine Insurance, it is usually best to use an insurance broker to streamline the process and help you obtain the very best policy to suit your needs.

Using an insurance broker has many well-known benefits. The biggest of these is undoubtedly the time you will save by not having to shop around for insurance yourself. An important fact to remember is that Limousine Insurance is a very specialized area. To understand the market, and then obtain quotes yourself, could take a long while, and potentially cost you a lot of money, especially if you use your limo for business purposes.

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