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London Taxi Insurance Find Cheap Cover by Comparing Multiple UK Brokers

By comparing the cost of London taxi insurance from multiple UK brokers and researching what is and what is not included in the individual polices you should help you find a good deal on London taxi insurance. We help you find and compare distributing your individual insurance requirements to multiple UK brokers whom will send you a tailored quote for London taxi insurance specific to your actual requirements. 

London taxi insurance

Being a taxi driver in a hectic city such as London certainly involves an element of risk, higher for sure than being a cabby in the suburbs. The number of road users compounds the normal risks of being involved in a road accident with another road user. As such London taxi insurance is needed to protect your business in the event of an accident or a claim made by a member of the public against you or your taxi firm.

Nowadays, there are reliable options online when it comes to taxi policy providers. The only problem is how to choose the most reliable online. There are offers here and there which can confuse you even more. We help you research the market which is the first step to  finding a provider of London taxi insurance that meets with your individual requirements. For a comprehensive coverage of your requirements  as a London cabby please visit here .

Compare the Cost of London Taxi Insurance from Multiple UK Brokers

What are the benefits of insuring your Cab Online

  • Fully Comprehensive : Highest level of cover available allowing claims regardless of fault. This should be mentioned and included upon inquiry, and the provider should be able to present the list of coverage without any hesitation.
  • Flexible Payment Options:  Brokers are flexible on payment options. whilst pay your London taxi insurance annually will normally provide you with discount it is possible to pay monthly or quarterly by setting up a direct debit.
  • Instant  Documentation:  Many providers offer instant documentation upon the first payment. It usually just takes within the day, but often time it only takes minutes after the provider receives the first payment.
  • Easy Comparison of Broker Policies  After you complete the simply inquiry form you will be provided with a list of quotes which enables the easy comparison of the policies being offered for London taxi insurance from out panel of select brokers. 
  • Easy Comparison of Broker Policies  As the process will return multiple quotes by completing one form. 

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London Taxi Insurance- Need Help to Compare the Market?

We have made it easy for you to compare the cost of London taxi cover online. Comparing online is the easiest and fastest way to choose and apply for a policy, but the challenge is how to sift through the huge array of providers and deals on offer. The quotes provided after completing the online form are displayed side by side enabling you to make an easy and quick comparison of the various options on offer with our panel of taxi brokers.

Whether you are a London cabby or operator you know that driving a London taxi in the city requires that you have at a the very least third party cover. If you have just purchased a London cab then start comparing by entering your requirements by selecting the Get Quotes option below. You need a drivers licence to drive a taxi, the application process for a licence varies and depends if driving inside or outside of London follow the link for further details on the application process.

Start Comparing : Multiple London Taxi Insurance Quotes 

  • All vehicles Covered Salon, MPV & Minibus
  • Save 35% on your policy *
  • Specialists in both Private and Public Hire