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Cheap private Hire Insurance

When you need to find a good deal on private hire insurance it pays to compare what options are currently available on the open market. One approach is to get multiple quotes and do quick comparisons until you arrive at a policy that ticks all the boxes. We can help by sharing your private insurance requirements with  a panel of UK brokers enabling you to receive multiple quotes by simply completing one online inquiry form. What is the easiest way to compare quotes for private hire insurance?  Our user friendly website has made it quicker and easier than ever to compare multiple quotes 

Private hire Insurance pay monthly

By getting multiple quotes for private hire insurance, you can start to compare what is currently available in the marketplace. We have designed this website to be easy to use with a fast quote system that requires minimal input to start getting multiple quotes from a panel of select UK brokers. Start now by selecting the get quote button.

What determines the cost of private hire insurance?

Many factors are used to determine your insurance risk as a driver to the insurance provider. The more risk the higher your private hire insurance premium will be. However, if your are aware of these factors, particularly the ones that you have control over you can take preemptive action to bring down the cost of your private hire premium.

  • The drivers age is near the top of the list with young drivers typically under 25 paying substantially higher premiums than drivers over 25
  • Another contributing factor to the premium quote is the cost of the actual vehicle , the more expensive the vehicle equates normally to a higher insurance premium.
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    London private hire  insurance will be more expensive than drivers from rural regions of the UK as the actuaries have factored in the fact likelihood of damage or theft is higher in the inner city regions of the UK
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    Whilst most brokers will accept flexible payment schemes , it will be cheaper if you can pay on an annual basis. 
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    Providing additional safety measures approved by the UK insurance industry will also help lower costs 
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    Having a good history of accident free driving will be evidence to the broker that your pose a lower risk than another river with multiple claims. This will be a big plus when determining your final private hire insurance premium.

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Whilst we have outlined  that cost of vehicle will be a contributing factor it is important in this service sector to provide comfort and luxury to your paying passengers. In addition you have the added advantage of driving a well engineered car with latest safety devices, making you job safer and more enjoyable.

It comes down to  personal choice and given that you are in the driving seat many hours it may be worth purchasing a Mercedes over the standard Ford.  Either way it will pay to do some research upfront on the cost to repair and mechanically reliability.

A car that has a history of proven unreliability will thus attract a higher premium. Likewise, a car model that is expensive or difficult to make body repairs to will also attract a higher premium.

Why under 25 Private Hire insurance is more expensive

Whilst you have no real choice over your post code you do have control of the drivers that you employee to drive for you . Again the actuary has been at work and uncovered the fact that drivers under 25 and in particular male drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents and also that these are more serious and costly than drivers of a more mature age (25 -75). Female drivers pose a lower risk, but an act brought in by the European Union on 2012 prohibits gender being factored into driver insurance. In future this will most likely be removed as it is not only unfair it is non nonsensical to an industry that relies on facts to determine risk and cover and resulting premiums.  

Private hire insurance is a legal requirement

Obtaining insurance is a necessity when it comes to starting a private hire business in the UK. The growing number of people engaging in the private hire business is due to its potential of receiving a favorable income. Since an insurance policy is mandatory for this particular type of business, you may want to operate legally by getting coverage from insurance companies. This would not only prevent you from receiving penalties on your license or a jail sentence, but it also ensures your driver's protection and of the passengers as well

Insurance options available include:

  • Comprehensive - this is the best option for drivers that provide a service like private hire. It will provide cover for both you and any third parties irrespective of cause.
  • Third Party  - is also available, but provides only cover to third parties and does not provide the level of cover required if you are spending so much time on the road. 
  • Public liability - This is a must for private hire drivers or any taxi driver as it provides cover for any possible claims made against you by  your passengers or any member of the public.
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    If you are a fleet owner then apply for fleet insurance should work as the most cost effective option. 
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    Whilst most brokers will accept flexible payment schemes , it will be cheaper if you can pay on an annual basis. 

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